Coffees and Drinks

Nuts & Berries – $9
Chambord, Frangelico,and cream frothy and chilled straight up!

Chocolate Martini – $9
Vanilla Absolut, Godiva chocolate liqueur and cream served in chocolate swirled martini glass.

Bon Appetit BAM $9
Double espresso vodka, chocolate vodka, and vanilla vodka with a splash of coffee

Peppermint Patty Martini – $9
Green créme de menthe, godiva chocolate and cream served in chocolate swirled martini glass

Irish Coffee – $9
Columbian coffee with Irish Whiskey, coffee liqueur, and whipped cream.

Nutty Irishman Coffee- $9
Columbian coffee with Frangelico, Irish Cream, and whipped cream.

Jamacian Coffee – $9
Columbian coffee with Tia Maria, Myer’s rum and whipped cream.

Grahams 10, 20, or 40 year old Ports $7, $12, $30
Christalino, Brut, Spain $7

Allure Moscato,CA $9