Profiterole – $6.95
Cream puff filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce.

Baked Meringue – $6.95
Crispy meringue topped with vanilla ice cream, butterscotch sauce and pecans.

Chocolate Mousse – $6.95
Traditional rich chocolate mousse served in a brandy snifter with whipped cream

Lemon Mousse Cake – $6.95
Lemon genoise topped with lemon mousse, served with strawberry sauce.

Crème Caramel – $6.95
Creamy Egg custard with caramel.

Chocolate Marjolaine – $6.95
Layers of dark chocolate and ground nuts in meringue made into a candy bar, served with raspberry sauce.

Cheese Cake – $6.95
Dense creamy cheesecake, ask about today’s flavor

Sauteed Bananas – $6.95
Bananas sauteed with Myer’s rum. sugar, butter, and cinnamon over coffee ice cream

Seasonal Specials