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Bon Appetit Restaurant, Seaford
The Deal: A five-course dinner that includes appetizer, soup, salad, entrée and dessert for $44.
What You Get: Myriad French delights, including French onion soup or poached mussels

Delaware Today

“All the elements of a sophisticated French dining experience are present at Bon Appetit Restaurant: touches such as the lace curtains and French prints on the wall. Of course, the food is all here, too: delicate country pâté, pickled herring, salmon á l’orange and more. Best of all, the prices are always reasonable. This may well be the last true French dining experience in Delaware. There are two French restaurants left in Delaware, but only one that has shunned the Americanization of French cuisine. Bon Appetit Restaurant offers country pate, chicken Champignon and other dishes in an atmosphere of lace curtains, candles and fresh flowers.

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Delaware Today

“Nobody’s confusing western Sussex with the Burgundy countryside, unless they’re in Bon Appetit, Karen and Chino Pedemonte’s love letter to French sophistication. Salmon (or saumon, en Français) Poireaux, chicken divan, country pâté and the best sautéed escargot in Delaware win loyal diners. Visit when the bouquet of garlic and herbs de Provençe is what you’re after. While other restaurants hang their hats on French influence or style, Seaford’s little gem is likely the last full-bore French experience in the state.”

Trip Advisor

“We were in the area and, based on the glowing reviews, felt like we had to try
Bon Appetit. Much to our delight, we found that every word of praise was well deserved. Portions were reasonable, prices were reasonable, the beautiful French aesthetic was evident in every presentation, the service was warm and helpful, and the food was just wonderful. We had the stuffed mushroom appetizer, arctic char and the cod papiotte, the green salads, and delectable desserts: chocolate mousse and baked meringue. A truly excellent meal.”